Monday, August 11, 2008

Monday's wifi-enabled update

Well, camp ain't so rugged that they don't have wifi, so that's something. Of course, the "wi" in the "wifi" means "wi not sit out at this picnic table outside the camp office, 'cause that's about as far as the signal goes..." Not that I'm complaining, mind's trees blocking the signal, and they're lovely trees.

I'll throw some pictures up tomorrow when I get home, but suffice it to say the forest here between Dufur and Mt. Hood is lovely. Green, relatively dry, and teeming with birds and small ground critters. Spent yesterday afternoon watching the squirrels and chipmunks make light work of the various items of food people left out (gum, cookies, froot loops, etc.), and they are indeed fearless. Well, fearless couched with a good amount of caution if you actuall move. But otherwise, fearless.

Today is the first day the guys are working on merit badges and other advancement items, and I must say the shift from Cub Scout camp (hey, Dad, can you come with me to this class and help me out?) to Boy Scout camp (hey, son, go over there at 11 and learn from that guy...I'm going to send e-mails) is a wonderful thing. Hopefully Logan won't get too lost between classes. And if he does, well, I suppose that's just part of the learning process!

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bonnie said...

So of course the mention of the small critters reminds me - you introduced Logan to that recipe for chipmunks with huckleberry sauce yet?