Monday, August 18, 2008

My Olympic dilemma

So I, like much of the world, am spending far too much time in front of the TV watching the Olympics. But unlike much of the world, I've got a TV dilemma. Our glorious Comcast cable system has, in addition to the 17 NBC channels covering the games from the US perspective, the Vancouver BC station CBUT. Which means I get an extra variety of sports to watch, so I don't have to spend my entire time listening to the NBC guys talk about all the US athletes' back stories. Instead I get to watch and listen to the CBUT guys talking about all the Canadian athletes' back stories.

But the real dilemma is this: NBC is covering some events that CBUT isn't, and focuses on athletes that I might actually care to root for. But NBC also airs US political ads, which infuriate me. So...what do I do? Watch Canada? Blame Canada? Move to Canada?

If only Comcast also carried the new Canadian pr0n channel. 'cause we all need more Canadian pr0n.

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merlin4012 said...

I vote for the move to Canada, but you might want to consult Ms. Brazil first.