Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Yet another reason I should have become a scientist

Had I realized that determining what makes women "sexually attractive" was a valid area of scientific research I might have spent more time in the lab. But I always assumed that the fact that petite, leggy women with big busts are the most sexually attractive was a given, but apparently it needed some research.

Which raises the real question: was there a grant involved in this? And is there some way I can get such a grant to confirm the original research?


Ms. Br4Z1L said...

Ha ha- At first I misread- "Was there a grant involved in this?" as "Was there a giant involved in this?"
Haw. Haw.

merlin4012 said...

So bogus. Insanely hot women come in a dizzying variety of shapes and sizes. Call me polymorphously perverse if you will, but all this proves is how troglodytic men are, as if we needed any more such proof. That said, I wish I was a scientist, too.

Scott Chicken said...

If it was a giant grant it would be that much better.

And Dan, I've always called you a polymorphously perverse troglodyte. Just not to your face.

merlin4012 said...

That's because the chicken man doesn't want to find out what happens when you identify a polymorphously perverse troglodyte as such to his face. That's a mildly stale store brand sandwich cookie of pain he doesn't want to eat!