Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Runway nightmares

I must admit, I take a great deal of guilty pleasure from the mighty Project Runway, and tonight was an especially guilty treat with the whole "Good Queen Fun" drag queen theme. Especially guilty because, while I'm used to the dresses I think are God awful being lauded as the greatest thing since sliced bread, tonight they were so insanely over the top horrible that I'm amazed anyone made it out.

OK, that's being a bit harsh...I did like Terri's Kabuki / Kimono look, although I think the references to Gene Simmons were off...more like Adam Ant or David Bowie. I also liked Joe's winning design, the "Anne Margaret on The Love Boat" pink sailor suit thingy. But damn, when Korto was listed in the top 3 with that nutty flame thing...I mean, sure, it wasn't as bad as Keith's fringe nightmare, but still...

All of which proves yet again that a) I have no fashion sense, b) in spite of my degree in theater I don't completely understand costuming or drag queens, and c) maybe it's time to find a new show. How many weeks until Ultimate Fighter returns?

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