Friday, August 22, 2008

New Olympic sports

So toward the end of yesterday's post I started thinking "hey, if BMX is an Olympic sport maybe they could go even more extreme..." So I started writing down ideas. Here are a few...please feel free to vote. Not sure the IOC will accept them, but maybe we can start some kind of Chicken X-Games offshoot.
  1. Horseback shooting. The winter games have the Biathlon, a combination of skiing and shooting. So why not hoseback shooting? You could do both rifle and archery, kind of an "Indians vs Cavalry" thing. Or "Mongol Horde vs the Light Brigade". Only shooting at targets instead of at each other.
  2. Freeform sword fighting. I love the speed of fencing and saber, but they're totally linear and not at all realistic. We've certainly got the wireless tech to allow the sensors to work in 3 dimensions, so let's get rid of the carpet and let them move sideways. Put it in a ring or a cage or something, with penalties for going outside of the box.
  3. Heck, while we're at it let's add horseback sword fighting. The saber is a cavalry weapon, so give them horses and let them go at it. You'd have to pad the horse, naturally, but what the heck.
  4. That brings jousting in to the picture, but that's getting too SCA for my taste. We don't want the Olympics turned in to a Renne Faire, now do we?
  5. Mixed Martial Arts. Actually, I wouldn't be surprised if this one happens in a few cycles. They've got boxing (boring!) and Tae Kwon Do (don't get it!) but they're both points based and totally padded. Not enough blood, I say. Throw in some straight-up MMA cage fighting. 'cause Forrest Griffin deserves a gold medal.
So that's my list...what you got?

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