Thursday, August 28, 2008

Political Obama speech post?

Nope. Although I kind of feel like I should get all pundit-y and post something about Obama's acceptance speech tonight, I just can't. Because not only am I not a pundit, but I'm really stuck on the whole "8 is enough" reference and keep wishing he'd thrown in other TV shows. As the great lonelysandwich tweeted, ""We need to stand up and say Eight is Enough! And One Day at a Time, we can ease these Growing Pains! Benson!"

I will say that in these tough times it appears that Obama and Beiden are the A-Team of politics (although that implies, at least physically, that Obama is BA Baraccus while Beiden is Hannibal, which is clearly not correct unless BA was secretly calling the shots while pitying the fool...and I'm not really sure who that makes Face or Murdock).

It is now clear that I'm neither a pundit nor a comedy writer. At least not at 11:07 at night...

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