Thursday, December 11, 2008

Finally getting a grip

On Christmas, anyway. I think the gips are all bought, now. At least the ones we're buying...can't speak for everyone else, and I'll take the boy out on Sunday to get something for his sister. But other than that and maybe two last-minute items I think we're set. Whew.

This morning was filled with errands: Home Depot to get one of those outdoor hose faucet insulator thingies so I'm ready for Winter Blast 2008. Appliance parts store to get a new "Crisper Drawer Cover Frame". Stupid Prices to look for, well, stupidly-priced things. Toys R Us and Game Stop for gips. Hallmark for a gift card holder. Safeway for some gift cards. Then finally home to clean out the fridge for lunch. As I said, Whew!

My original plan for the day was to run the errands and then head up to Lynnwood to finally see Quantum of Solace, but I decided instead to start making a slide show for Logan's old Cub Scout Pack, do some dishes, and put away laundry. Man, how did I ever find time for this crap back when I was working every day? Hopefully I'll win tomorrow's Mega Millions drawing and never have to find out.

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