Friday, December 26, 2008

White Christmas

Hoo doggies was it white! We've had snow for what, a week almost? But it was turning to rain on Christmas Eve and we figured while it would be snowy on the ground the rest of the Christmas weather would be standard - meaning rain. Boy were we wrong. 'cause we woke up to this:

So, since breakfast for Paige and the kids was the time-honored Breakfast Pie, we figured we'd throw a little White Christmas Whipped Cream in to the mix.

After some pie it was time for some serious present opening. Maya and Logan gave each other stuffed animals (Webkinz Kangaroo for Maya, non-Webkinz polar bear for Logan):

And we gave them a bunch of other stuff, none of which compared to the Wii. The Wii set off such a hailstorm of screaming and jumping in delight that it's amazing the windows didn't break and the tree didn't fall over. The only drawback was that we didn't videotape the opening, so we missed the revelry. All I've got is this picture...sigh.

Once our presents were unwrapped and tried on, it was time to brave the slushy streets and head to Grandma's for Christmas dinner and some roof shoveling. My mom lives on the top of a hill in south Bellevue, altitude 1,024 feet above sea level. She started getting snow last Wednesday (12/17) and it really hasn't stopped since. There were about 14" on the ground when we got there, and another 2 or more fell today. It's truly insane. Insane to the point where we had to shovel out a parking space from the plowed-up snow on the road so that we wouldn't be blocking traffic.

Insane to the point where you can hardly tell that Mom HAS a car. But she does, as we proved today by digging it out.



As I mentioned, there were about 14" on the ground. Which means 14" on the roof, and since the garage roof and part of the roof of the house are flat, we had to shovel them off so things didn't break when the rains start. We got the garage and half of the house done on Christmas, and finished the rest today.



It was a lot of work, and my back is still sore. But hey, at least the house won't collapse now! And that's always a good thing.

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