Monday, December 01, 2008

What? WHAT???

Oh my God. I think my ears will still be ringing on Thursday. Possibly Friday. Why, you ask? And why is the Sunday post coming in at 12:48 on Monday morning? Because, thanks to some friends from High School, I can now say I've seen AC/DC live. And goddamn those boys are loud.

Not sure if the volume was because they're deaf after all these years, or if they were covering up for aging voices and slowing guitar fingers, but hoo...even through my fancy-pants ear plugs that I wear when I play drums it was mind-numbingly loud. Good, and entertaining, but loud.

So a few impressions:
  1. The AC/DC audience spans all generations. Well, all generations between ages, oh, 55 and 7. Didn't see any 80-year-olds there, but there were definitely some people who have clearly been fans since the early '70s.
  2. While there were some hot girls in the audience, when the cameras panned the audience and put pictures of chicks singing up on the jumbo-trons, it was almost always women of a certain age, shall we say. I wondered at this, and then realized that they were showing women down by the stage, where the ticket prices were highest. And let's face it, 21-year-old Hottie McHott probably can't afford $350 for a concert.
  3. When everyone in the audience knows the words to most of your songs, it doesn't matter how much the vocal track is drowned out by everything else, 'cause they'll just sing it in their heads.
  4. No matter how old you are, if you're a rock star and have been doing it for 35 years people will scream when you take off your shirt.
  5. When you sit on the side of the arena the speaker stack hung from the ceiling blocks out much of the 50' inflatable woman.
  6. If you've got a song called "For Those About To Rock..." you probably shouldn't play it as the last song of the encore. Because by that point we've already been rocked, and are in fact about to go home. Thanks for the salutes, though!
  7. People you went to High School with but didn't generally hang out with are a lot funnier when they're shitfaced drunk and you're not. Then again, most people are.


Matt Rigby said...

Which fancy pants ear plugs do you use?

Scott Chicken said...

Custom-made ones from Washington Audiology, circa 1995. Maybe with that plug they'll give me a free pair...

Matthew Rigby said...

oh wow that is fancy. So they fit all perfectly and do a flat response filtration of some kind? From what I hear I can get free ear moulds through our music school because one of the professors is a licensed audiologist, would be a useful thing to do before I graduate, what with the expensivity of such things.

Scott Chicken said...

Yep. 30db, as I recall, and I can get new pads. Actually, I think I might be due for a new set, 'cause I don't think they fit as perfectly as they used to. Clearly my ears are getting bigger. Or something.