Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Snowmageddon Day 5: the end is in sight

The thaw started today. Not immediately, mind you...woke up to a lovely heavy snowfall that loaded down the trees again as you can see:

But it wasn't to last. A few hours later the rains came, and they came hard, knocking down most of the snow from the trees:

But before the rains came, Paige and the kids went next door to Sonya's to "build her something". And that something was a sleeping snowman:

Logan and Maya working (or, in Maya's case, sitting) on the sleeping snowman

Thanks to some weeds the snowman had a wicked 'do

The rains also brought out the birds, and Logan took over camera duties and shot a few out the window - mostly hummingbirds. So the rest of the photos in this post are his, although I did the processing...

A hummer at our feeder

The same, or possibly a different, hummer resting in the rhodie outside the kitchen

Some other bird...possibly a finch? I don't know birds, clearly.

The neighbors in the penthouse condo behind us clearly serve a higher quality nectar, 'cause they must have had 6 or 7 hummers. We only got the one.

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