Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Meet Lettuce

Lettuce is the newest member of the Chicken family. Freed from his life as a victim of 6th grade science projects, Lettuce now lives in an empty RainBlo bubblegum tub. Although these pictures were taken while he was on a plastic cutting board eating the meal that got him his name...

Anyhow, Logan's last science section was studying snails, running snails through obstacle courses (Knex and cardboard tubing, mainly), figuring out what they liked to eat (lettuce and apples? Sure! Soapy sponge? No thank you!), and otherwise entertaining themselves at the snail's expense. Well, toward the end of the section the teacher sent home a note saying anyone who wanted a snail had to call her and send in a signed permission slip. Oh, and bring in a jar or something to take the snail home in.

So we did, and now he's here. And now I know what snail poop looks like (sorry, no photographs of that).

And before you ask, no, we're not going to be bringing home the current science victim, the hissing cockroach. Why? Because they hiss, and they're fast. Lettuce is quiet and slow, which is just what we like in a pet!

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