Friday, December 19, 2008


So we got some snow finally. Not Wednesday, the day the big storm was supposed to hit, the first day they canceled school altogether. No, that day thanks to the "doughnut effect" Seattle was spared any snow. In fact, we lost snow that day 'cause it warmed up to 36 or so and drizzled.

But the Thursday it finally hit. Paige said it was snowing when she woke up around 5, with just a bit on the grass and none on the street. By the time I dragged my sorry ass out of bed at 8:30 or 9 the road was covered and it was coming down big time. So we loaded the kids with pancakes and sent 'em out side to play. and I put on the ol' wool pants and followed them with the camera to take the required snow shots. We'll start with a couple pretty scenic shots to set the stage...

The frozen, snow-covered hummingbird feeder. I've since remembered to take it in each night to thaw out.
Snow on the branches of our butterfly bush
No one's home...would have been a great picture if a bird had been looking out, though, wouldn't it?
The back yard
Portrait of a wheelbarrow taking a nap in the snow. Not our wheelbarrow, mind's not that lazy

The kids were busy playing penguins, a game that apparently involved gathering snow in the next-door neighbor's yard and hauling it to our yard in the sled.

After a break to have some cocoa and lunch it was back out in the snow to sled down the hill a block to the north. This would have been ideal snow for a flexible flyer-style steel runner sled, but all we've got is the old plastic model. Ah well...maybe Santa will bring one for Christmas.

And finally Logan faked a spectacular wipe-out. Or aftermath of a wipe-out. Something like that.

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merlin4012 said...

You should see Ben's Seattle snow hummingbird vids. He's elusive on YouTube though, so it might not be possible. Unless you asked him about it, I guess.