Friday, November 21, 2008

Boy, I'm getting lazy!

It's clearly my hyper-strenuous work schedule of getting up at 8, walking the kids to school, sitting on the couch doing e-mail, walking the kids home from school, then sitting on the couch some more that's kept me from blogging the last few days. Something about not having a firm wake-up call makes me more lazy in the evening, so I stay up later and, apparently, forget to blog.

So here's a recap of the last few days: Oh, wait, I already did that above! Well, a few more details...

Monday was Maya's parent-teacher conference, which went well. Apparently our daughter, who loves nothing more than yelling at us, is a delight in the classroom and gets the other kids to cooperate.

Tuesday I went in to work, where I did basically what I'm now doing at home, only without Facebook or Twitter.

Wednesday I got up, did NOT walk the kids to school (Paige had to take drive and get coffee for staff appreciation day), watched some DVR'd TV, walked the kids home from school, and that was pretty much it.

Yesterday I got up, didn't walk to school (it was pouring and I was feeling lazy), watched some DVR'd TV, did some e-mails, put the ski rack on the car, picked up the boy from school, drove over to a friend's house where the girl was having a playdate, then headed to Joe's Outdoor to pick up a pair of rental skis for the girl and to drop off my skis and the boy's for waxing and (in his case) binding adjustments.

And today it was more walking: walked them to school, then walked over to the store to get some half and half, then to Loewe's to get some light bulbs, then home. The afternoon I drove, though, 'cause we needed stuff from Costco. And while I could walk to Costco, it would take all day to get there and back and I don't really feel like carrying 72 cans of diet coke on my back.

OK, so now I'm back on track. Whew!

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