Tuesday, November 04, 2008

One final push to get out the vote

I know, it's election day and you probably voted some time last month or whatever, but I figured I'd get in one last push for ol' Jackson Kirk Grimes. If you're in a state that's heavily leaning one way or another, where your vote for President really won't matter, toss a vote to Grimes. Do it for the hat. And to prove that those nerds at Wikipedia shouldn't have deleted his entry (I almost wrote "fascists", but if they were fascists they wouldn't have deleted it, now, would they?).


bonnie said...

OK, how about he gives Obama the hat now?

That clearly being the Hat of the Winner and all...

were there fireworks in Seattle last night? Brooklyn sounded like the Giants won the Super Bowl and the Yankees won the World Series all on the same night.

Pretty darned cool.

Scott Chicken said...

If I had better photoshop skillz I'd make that happen. Can he wear the hat? Yes he can!