Sunday, November 23, 2008

It's not supposed to be this way

Since time immemorial (or at least the late '70s) the Seattle football scene has been one of balance: In years when the Huskies were bad the Seahawks were good, and vice versa. Many years they were both OK, but there were periods (the early '90s, for example) where the Huskies reveled in glory while the 'Hawks stunk up the town. And there were periods (the mid-2000s, for example) where the Huskies blew while the 'Hawks flew.

But apparently the football Gods are angry. Or the financial / credit / housing crisis threw things out of whack. Or the pumpkin crop was bad. Whatever the reason, we are in a huge Football shithole. On Saturday the Huskies lost the Apple Cup in the second overtime on a field goal, all because their kicker couldn't hit a relatively short kick from the hash mark. That took them to 0 and 11, one loss away from a perfect season. Today the Seahawks lost to the Redskins in a game they darn well could have won, all because Matt Hasselbeck couldn't hit his receivers and threw two key interceptions. That takes the 'Hawks to 2 and 9 and just about mathematically eliminated from the playoffs.

The only light in the tunnel for the 'Hawks is that if they go 0-fer the rest of the season they'll get a nice high draft pick. The only light in the tunnel for the Huskies is that they' Not sure what the light is there. They'll have a new coach, sure, but they'll have the same players. I guess this will let us learn just how much influence the head coach actually has on college football, and that could be good. The Seahawks will have a new coach next year too, as well as (we can only hope) a bunch of new players, and hopefully they'll start winning again.

But in the mean time, it's going to be a long December.

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