Thursday, November 06, 2008

A quick pre-bed post...

I'll throw down the details tomorrow, and the crappy cell-phone photos as well, but to recap today's events:
  1. Got up and went to work
  2. Surfed the 'net
  3. Found out a group that used to be part of my department got the axe
  4. Had lunch
  5. Left early
  6. Drove through the insane downpour to Renton
  7. Saw RocknRolla, which I highly recommend if only for the fine accents and glamorous junkies
  8. Drove through the insane downpour to Taco Time for dinner
  9. Drove through the insane downpour to 12 Seahawks Way to tour the Seahawks practice facility and participate in a couple fan focus groups. Very cool facility, and they were receptive to the feedback, which is always a good thing!

1 comment:

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