Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A not completely unproductive day

Actually managed to get some stuff done today. Retouched more pictures from the WFTDA National Championship tournament...Man, I need to make a huge note that says "don't push to 400 ASA on the camera, 'cause it looks like ass". Then I need to read that note and remember it every time I think "hey, if I boost to 400 ASA then I'll get more light..." The shots at 200 ASA and 1/200 of a second look way better than those at 400 ASA and 1/250th.

Then I need to write another note that says "learn how to use the freaking camera". And stick that with the first note. And then add a third note that says "maybe if you had the right flash these things would all look better..."

Anyhow, once I'm done with the retouch I'll post links. In the mean time, if you want far better shots, just search Flickr for "2008 roller derby nationals" and you'll find plenty.

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