Monday, November 17, 2008


The weekend o' Derby is finally over, and yet I still can't stop talking like Gotham announcer Corn Dog. Not that I can write what that sounds like, really...imagine a kind of Wolfman Jack growl thing going on, only without Wolfman's energy. Or what my voice sounds like after I've been yelling a lot. One of those.

Anyhow, I must say I do enjoy driving from Portland to Seattle under the right conditions. Today those conditions were sun, dry pavement, and fast-moving traffic. Left the in-laws in West Linn at about 10:15, stopped at a soon-to-be defunct Circuit City in Clackamas to pick up a tax-free Christmas gift, stopped for lunch just north of Centralia at about 12:15, and got home by 2. And other than the stops, I don't think I went under 65 between the Washington border and Renton.

But the best part of the drive was seeing this guy. The crappy cell phone picture doesn't do it justice (I should learn to travel with the Nikon handy for just such an emergency), but the Hummer is wicked jacked up (license plate was eye level). And the license plate reads "7-MPG". Hey, at least he's aware of the folly of driving the thing...

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