Saturday, November 15, 2008

My butt's sore

Why, you ask? Because I spent about 8 hours today sitting either on the floor or on a bleacher, padded by a seat cushion that isn't really a cushion. More of a coaster, really.

Today was day two of the mighty Northwest Knockdown national Roller Derby championship tournament thingy, and I am sad to say I am now 0 for 6. A big fat donut. Every team I've rooted for has lost. Yesterday I went with Carolina over Texas...Texas won. Then I cheered for Duke City over Gotham. Gotham won. Today I naturally rooted for the Rat City Rollergirls to beat Windy City from Chicago...Windy City won. Then I wanted B.ay A.rea to beat Philly. Philly won (although it was a fabulous bout and was almost a tie at the end...). So 0 for 4 in the preliminary rounds.

In the semi-finals, I chose Texas over Windy City. Windy City won. And I went with Philly over Gotham. So you know Gotham won.

I now have no idea who to root for. I'll take Texas in the grudge match (which, naturally, means Philly will win), but I can't decide in the championship bout. It would be nice if Windy City, the team that knocked Rat City out of it won it all, but that would mean that I really should root for Gotham. But I'm sure the Derby gods would know I was only rooting for them so that they'd lose, and then they'd win. Sigh...

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