Thursday, September 18, 2008

Another sweet personal flight option

So there's this Swiss guy whose nickname is "FusionMan" who is planning to fly across the English Channel next week using a jet-powered wing attached to his back. So kind of like the Rocketeer, only not as handsome as Billy Campbell and likely without Jennifer Connelly's rocket bra. Or Alan Arkin as the quirky inventor. In any case, his plan is to get dumped out of a plane at 8,200 feet over France, then jet furiously across the channel before landing in Dover. I think the landing involves cutting the wing loose and parachuting down, but I might be wrong.

That part kind of kills the marketability of the jet wing dealy, however sweet it may look. Because let's face it, if I want to fly to work I'm not going to want to go find a plane first, let alone parachute in to the parking lot and then have to wander around trying to find my wing. So I'd probably opt for the coffee-cup jet pack thing unveiled back in July that's supposed to go on sale next year. I'll have to win the lottery to own one, but then that's probably true about the wing dealio as well.

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