Saturday, September 06, 2008

An exhausting Saturday

Both physically and, um, humorically. Started out the day climbing Mt. Pilchuck with Logan, another boy from his Troop, and their Scoutmaster and his wife (and aged dog Loki). Pictures will be posted tomorrow. Suffice it to say that wore both of us out but good.

Ended the day seeing Patton Oswalt perform. Oh my God. The opening act, whose name escapes me (I think it was Kyle Kinnear, but nothing comes up when I google that so clearly I'm wrong) was a riot, and Patton was genius. Any show that starts with the line "So I chapped my dick in Salt Lake City...let me back up" is pretty much guaranteed not to suck, and it didn't.

And now it's 11:45, I'm exhausted from hiking and laughing, and I'm writing a blog instead of going to bed. That's the kind of dedication I bring to the table. Or the bad judgement. One of those.

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