Friday, September 19, 2008

An interesting week...

I don't usually blorg about work, but damn...after this week it's tempting. And I'm going to succumb to that temptation. I was going to write it in piratical in honor of Talk Like a Pirate Day, but after about eight "Ye"s and a few "avasts" it got too dang hard. So instead, here's the blorg in plain ol' English:

For those who don't actually know me (and I doubt there are any...), I work for a bank. A bank to remain nameless in case someone from HR comes nosing around. Banks had a pretty darn bad week on Wall Street this week, and we were no exception. The highlight of the week, though, came on Wednesday when there were two news vans parked across the street. I'm fairly certain they were trolling for a new Lehman Brothers scene with the masses exiting the building carrying boxes. In fact, one of the guys on the floor offered to do just that to see what would happen, but the stock was already taking a beating and we decided it might not be a good idea to add that image to the market.

I'm not a financial guru, so I don't know if the anti-short actions taken by the SEC will have any long-term effect or not, but it was nice to have a couple days at the end of the week where the market as a whole rallied!

And that ends work chat.

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