Friday, September 26, 2008

A day of slightly more clarity

At least by the end of it, anyway...

So as I posted last night, my company done got tooken over by JPM. And it wasn't really clear from the news reports whether all employees were now JPM employees, or if some of us would be reporting to the Fed this morning. So, as requested by an e-mail sent to all us now former WaMulians, I got up and went to work as usual this morning hoping someone would make everything clear.

That clarity finally came around 2:45 when we had a conference call with our CEO of 3 weeks and the head of JPM's retail operations who basically said "we're considering this a merger that we would have loved to do under any circumstances, things just got sped way up." Long story short, at some point in the future the integration plan will be ironed out and we'll know who's still got a job, but until then it's business as usual. So I did what anyone in a similar situation would do: left work early and went to a bar to drink and comiserate with co-workers.

Best lines of the day:

From a woman who came in today wearing a WaMu jacket: "I am SO yesterday..."

From a manager I know: "This is going to look great on my resume: Senior Manager in Credit Risk for the biggest bank failure in history."

From CEO Fishman: "Honest, I didn't take this job to sell the company."

That last one is a paraphrase...I didn't write down the exact quote, but that captures the gist.

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