Sunday, September 14, 2008

Spoke too soon

Or posted too of those. I ended yesterday's post with the phrase "since we're playing the 49ers there's a pretty dang good chance we'll actually win the game." Don't know what I was thinking.

Oh wait, yes I do. I was thinking that the Seahawks were a reasonably good team. Apparently I was wrong. Whether you blame the injuries to the starting receivers, the lack of a decent offensive line, the weather, it just doesn't matter: they have managed to stink it up two weeks in a row.

The running game wasn't too heinous today - Jones rushed for 127 yards, mainly in 3 and 4 yard carries. He got a TD, as did Duckett. But the passing game blew (top receiver was, I believe, the Tight End), the special teams were mediocre (a vast improvement from last week's abysmal performance), and the defense spent all their time containing running back Frank Gore and as a result let the quarterback light them up for 321 yards (first time in 4 years the 49ers have had a 300-yard passing game). This from a QB from the noted football factory of UC Davis.

Let's try it again: Next week the Rams come to town, and they've proven over the last two weeks that they suck. So again, there's a pretty dang good chance we'll actually win the game. We'd darn well better...

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