Thursday, September 11, 2008

Eye photos

Man, these ones are boring when you compare them to the ones I took right after the surgery, let alone those taken the day of the accident! As you can see, I've only got a little pink line next to the eye. That and some lingering (but improving) numbness around the lower eye lid and twinges when I wince (or put on swim goggles that are too tight...wonder if that will limit my snorkeling the next time I go somewhere warm enough to snorkel?) are all I've got left to remind me about the crash. well, that and a smashed-up helmet...

Today's head shot, minus lower chin

Close-up with the eye open

Close-up with the eye closed...teeny pink line is pretty much it!

1 comment:

merlin4012 said...

I think you and I should have our own bald-headed, green-eyed, red-bearded twin show. I'll be the tall one.