Saturday, September 13, 2008

A weekend full of entertainment

Man, busy times this weekend. Let's see...started things rolling on Friday by sitting on the couch surfing the Internet and watching Ike slam in to Texas. I must say, being a Northwesterner and in no way affected by hurricanes (other than gas and fruit prices) I really enjoy hurricane season. And the Ike coverage was prime. The Weather Channel had a guy in Galveston, a guy somewhere inland, and a lady in a parking garage somewhere else. And it was windy and raining. And they had apparently been on the air for about 12 hours in a row and were running out of things to say. Genius.

CNN was spotty in their coverage, 'cause they had other things to run. Same with CNBC and MSNBC, but I hit paydirt with Fox News. Yeah, it's Fox News and as a liberal-leaning guy I'm supposed to avoid them like the plague. But there's something about Geraldo Rivera standing on a beach, his lips moving completely out of sync with his voice, that draws you in. Sure, you're only drawn in because you expect him to be washed out to sea any minute, but still...gripping. That and the liberal use of Google Maps and Google Earth to show us how dang narrow Galveston Island is, or where exactly the other person was standing.

Anyhow, after that excitement I spent the morning being yelled at by my daughter while we tried to get her to pack her bag for her Girl Scout camping trip, then went desk shopping for the wife. Then it was back to the couch (that shopping is exhausting!) and some Halo for a bit before we loaded up again and went out to dinner with some friends. Dinner (at Divine...highly recommended) was delicious, the company was great, and we completely dominated the conversation with tales of my eye injury and surgery and our great summer trek.

And the excitement won't end there, oh no. 'cause tomorrow is the home opener for the Seahawks, and since we're playing the 49ers there's a pretty dang good chance we'll actually win the game!

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