Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A few observations based on the world of reality television

So I thought I'd share a few observations on personality and behavior that I have observed in my close study of reality television. Well, ok, so technically it's not a close study, more like a distracted study. And the observations are actually just based on two shows, Project Runway and The Ultimate Fighter, but that doesn't make them less true.
  1. Cocky people can be really annoying. This is true on both shows. Designer Kenley is really cocky and sure of herself, which is annoying. Fortunately for me, she's also cute so I can turn down the sound and just ogle her. Similarly, Jodie (Jamie? Jimmy? Something ending in a "Y" sound) on Ultimate Fighter is insanely cocky, but he's also a badass and so I can just watch him fight. Problem solved.

  2. Cocky people who don't put up go home. Again, true on both shows. Designer Joe was generally pretty cocky and he got "Auf'd" tonight. Last week they kicked off Terri who, while generally pretty good, was also crazy cocky and blew a few things. And tonight the guy fighting Jimmy/Jamie/Jodie/Whatevery was crazy cocky, comparing himself to Alexander the Great and Hitler (but in a good way...wait, there's a good way to compare yourself to Hitler? No, sorry, there isn't). He then pussed out after the first round when it was fairly clear that the Y guy was nearly gassed. Why? Well, according to his exit interview it was because he was pretty and didn't want to get disfigured. But maybe he just missed Mom's basement.

  3. Just because you're a famous person's relative doesn't make you good too. OK, this one doesn't really have a tie-in to Runway, 'cause I don't think any of those people is Donna Karan's little sister or anything, but on tonight's Ultimate Fighter we had the brother of Rashad Evans (winner of season 2 of Ultimate Fighter and undefeated in the UFC), who I suppose was more unlucky than bad (he caught a bad kick and broke a rib). And then we had the brother of, um, I forget the guy's name but he's really fun to watch. Anyhow, bro is apparently around 30 and didn't really think "gee, I'm going to be on a show about fighting, maybe I should get close to my fighting weight." So he had to cut 10 pounds in a day and ended up cramped up, one pound over, and going home. Sorry, sucker, you blew your chance!

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