Monday, September 15, 2008

Things I'm not too fond of right now

Not sure what's got my hackles up tonight, but it seemed like a good time to bitch for a few minutes...
  1. Banking / Financial / Credit / Housing crunch. I work for a bank. We're getting pounded. I've been there for almost 7 years, so I was there when all the crappy loans were being made. At the time I, and other people in the risk departments, said "hey, you probably shouldn't loan money to people without making sure that they can pay it back..." but the powers that be ignored us (well, ok, not actually me, but other people I knew) because that was where the profit was. Short-term profit, long-term pain. Oy.
  2. The Seattle Seahawks. Man, two straight painful losses. I'm so disgusted by the level of play that I'm pondering not going to the game against the Rams next week so I can turn the TV off if it gets too painful. I'm hoping this one will rectify itself over the next few days, but I'm not too convinced it will.
  3. Calls from the DNC. Please, people: I'm in a blue state. And while we're more of a swing state this time around, I'm in the bluest of blue counties in the state, and in the bluest of blue districts in that county. My Representative is practically a communist he's so far to the left. You don't have to keep calling me to tell me to vote for Obama. Spend your money calling someone in a more pivotal area. Oh, and don't ask me for any money either, 'cause did I mention I work for a bank?
  4. Fantasy NFL. Two straight losses, much like my beloved yet frustrating Seahawks. And worse yet, I was obliged to draft TO this year because he's really good. Obnoxious and hateful, sure, but damn good at that "catch the ball and run in to the end zone" thing. Unfortunately he's not saving the day.
  5. People who really, really, REALLY need to bitch to me about Sarah Palin, or John McCain, or Dino Rossi, or anyone else on the right and how evil they are, how only stupid people will vote for them, etcetera etcetera ad nauseum. I get it. I'm not voting for them anyway. You don't need to convince me. And really, talking about how you're smart because you're voting for one person, while other people are idiots for voting for the other guy is insulting to everyone. So please review #3 above and move on to something worth talking about, like the upcoming season of Ultimate Fighter. Or whether you'd kick Kenley out of bed for that Godaweful laugh. And if you MUST talk politics, can we please focus on some actual issues like, oh, abortion, or the war, or the economy? Because the whole "she doesn't have the experience to be Vice President" thing is a complete waste of my time.
Thank you for your attention. You may now return to your countdown until the new season of The Office.

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