Thursday, October 02, 2008

Debate recap

If you missed it, here's my recap of the debate:

Biden: Glad to meet you, Governor, thanks for having me here, blah blah Obamma blah blah blah.

Palen: Nice to meet you, Senator, thanks for having me here, blah blah McCain blah blah blah.

Biden: I disagree with blah. But I agree with blah. Senator Obama didn't vote for blah, he voted for blah blah, which meant blah.

Palen: Tap blah, drill blah, security blah.

Biden: Blah blah, staying on point, blah.

Palen: In closing, vote McCain!

Biden: In closing, vote Obama!

I think that catches the high points...

We tuned in not because we thought we'd be swayed, but because come on: the odds of someone going completely off the rails was really high with these two. But other than Palin mispronouncifying nuke-u-lar and Biden not looking at the camera it was pretty darn tame. My main dissappointment: Biden didn't rise to the bait of Palin repeatedly talking about tapping stuff. Maybe after the mikes were off he said "Governor, I'd totally tap dat." We can only hope.


bonnie said...

I admit it. I fell asleep.

Scott Chicken said...

That's the problem with being on the east coast...out here it was on during dinner. Although I admit, I was listening more than watching...