Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A timeless question

"What will happen when you take a tall skinny guy and put him in a cage with a shorter, stockier crazy guy?" Tonight, thanks to The Ultimate Fighter, we have the answer: the tall guy starts out using his reach and throwing jabs while the crazy guy eggs him on, then the tide turns a bit at the end of the first round and in to the second as crazy starts to take charge and tall skinny gets tired. And thanks to the tiredness, they go to a third round which really doesn't feel like it's in tall skinny's best interest.

As with all fights on Ultimate Fighter, there was trash talk running rampant before hand, largely about whether tall skinny really had a valid black belt in Jiu Jitsu. And really, most of the fight didn't show that he was a Jits guy - it was all stand-up boxing and kicking, and none of it done all that well. His take-downs were sloppy and easily stuffed, and when he ended up on his back Junie was smart enough to stay away from him and not let him get a submission. That and the fact that crazy Junie did really well with the repeated leg kicks are a large part of why he won the second round and the fight. In my non-professional opinion, that is.

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