Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Living vicariously through other cities' sports teams

So Mr. Moe moved to St. Paul, and has posted repeatedly on his blog (or tweeted, or maybe it was on Facebook...somewhere, anyhow) about how the Minnesota sports teams are his Cindy McCain - the pretty second wife. Which leaves me back here in Seattle with Carol, the first wife. The one who was disfigured in a car crash while I was in the Hanoi Hilton. More importantly, the one who can't win a damn ball game to save its life. Unless, of course, it's either a) the last series of the season - the series that if you tank you get the #1 draft pick, but if you win you don't - or 2) the Rams.

So now, being stuck with these craptastic teams, I find myself turning to the sporting equivalent of Internet porn and rooting for other cities' teams. And not even sexy teams like, oh, the Cowboys or the Red Sox. No, I'm wallowing in my shame by cheering for the Rays (because everyone likes a Cinderella story. Well, except for the wicked step sisters) and the Cleveland Browns. OK, the Browns cheering is purely for selfish Fantasy Football reasons, but still...

Fortunately I won't have my loyalties tested, since the Seahawks don't play the Browns, and the Mariners won't play the Rays until next year. And on a more positive note, the Seahawks play the Rams again this season, so there's a chance they'll win another game before August!

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