Friday, October 03, 2008

Remote Derby, or the Wonder of Twitter

So this weekend is the Western Regionals Battle Royale to determine who gets to go to the WFTDA national championships at the Northwest Knockdown in Portland next month, and our beloved Rat City Rollergirls are already tearing up the track, blowing Tucson out of the water 180 - 71. That qualifies them for Nationals, and makes me feel much better about paying a hundred bucks for three days of Derby. Not that I wouldn't enjoy being there if the Rat girls weren't playing, but it's always nice to have your team involved.

What does this have to do with Twitter, you ask? Well, scores really. Today I was at work, and I couldn't really justify having the live Boutcast up on the Derby News Network site up on my screen all day, so I instead opted for the twitter feeds for RCRG and DNN. Not quite as good as watching the webcast or tracking the score and commentary live via the web, but better than not knowing how huge the lead was.

Tomorrow the RCRG take on the winner of the Rocky Mountain vs Texas bout, then (hopefully) it's on to the West finals!

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