Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

The Chicken children are tucked in bed, completely crashed from too much sugar, laughter and running. Another Halloween successfully completed.

The kids dressed up as a cat and Kenny from South Park, as you can see from this photo:

The kitty with Kenny

Maya's was pretty darn easy - Paige found the dress at Value Village, we borrowed the ears from a friend, and boom, she was done. Logan's took a little more work: Value Village orange hoodie, Kenny face printed off the web, glue said face to a manila file folder, then attach to head with rubber bands. Oh, and put on mittens...those lasted about 15 minutes of trick-or-treating.

Part of the Chicken family Halloween tradition is to have a big gang of people over (most of whom went to pre-school with Logan), eat some dinner, then head out to maraud the neighborhood. This year we also picked up some friends of the friends, which was great...'cause really, once you've got 10 kids running down the street what's a few dozen more? Here's the full-on group shot:

Back row (L-R): 6' metal robot, a witch, a rock star, three girls in dresses, and the Terminator
Front row (L-R): Morticia Adams, Maya kitty, a sailor girl, a freaky glowing skeleton dude, Kenny, and "Mario & Luigi's cousin"

From there we went out and canvassed about 5 or 6 blocks in an hour or so, getting the kids good and thirsty by the time we got home. And leading to the current state of sugar crash!

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