Sunday, October 19, 2008

"You suck like juice!"

That's the new insult in the Chicken house. I'm not sure where it came from...Paige knows, and I'm sure she's told me, but I have since forgotten. In any case, it's getting good mileage here and I'm hoping you'll pick it up too.

And speaking of sucking like juice, how 'bout them Seahawks? Good Gravy. There used to be a law in Seattle that if the Seahawks were good the Huskies sucked, and if the Huskies were good the Seahawks sucked. Apparently it's been amended to indicate that both teams can suck simultaneously.

And continuing to speak of sucking, how 'bout my fantasy NFL team? I am right on track for "manager of the year", I must say, what with my genius decision to bench Steven Jackson this weekend. Because really, the 37 points he would have scored me would have looked nice, but wouldn't have helped me win.

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