Saturday, October 11, 2008

Yeah, so about that hike...

So as ol' Mr. Spees noted in his comment, the hike didn't get hiked. Or, rather, it did get hiked but not by us Chickens.

The short story is that neither Logan nor I (nor Paige, for that matter) slept well last night, and he being a boy of 11 it translated to weeping when it was time to get up. Now, in his defense he was also worried about the food (have I mentioned he's picky? 'cause he is...) and the cold. So anyway, we bailed on the hike. Which isn't really something I like to do, since we'd told people we were going to go, and it's not like we were gravely ill or something, just tired and cranky.

Anyhow, the agreement was no computer (for him, anyway) and no xbox (again, for him, although I didn't touch it either) for the weekend. So instead he built lego versions of various characters from Halo. And helped Paige plant 80 crocus bulbs in the lawn...which should make late February pretty dang cool, I must say!

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merlin4012 said...

Sorry to spoil the denouement of this epic tale of man against nature (in this case his own cranky and sleepy nature).