Thursday, October 16, 2008

A Buzzword Bingo, without even leaving my desk!

So like most people in business, I'm on a several different mailing lists. I'm assuming I ended up on them by subscribing to something (Business Week, perhaps, or InfoWorld), going to a seminar, or just a random scanning of job titles. One of these lists is The Management Roundtable, which bills itself as being "The Leading Practitioners' Resource for Product & Technology Development." One of MRT's key products is seminars, generally touting Innovation, or Value, or the Stage-Gate product development process. I rarely read the flyers, since I'm no longer in a ProdDev position, but today's caught my eye.
First off, it's big. The starndard MRT flyer is a tabloid quad-fold kind of affair...11X17" piece of paper printed on both sides, folded in half, then in half again. So basically 4 letter-size pages of info on whatever new wonder of Management or Round Tables they're plugging. But today's arrived in all it's Tabloid glory: full color, six sheets of 22X17" paper filled with photos of all the fine "Distinguished Faculty" that will be at the seminar (or "Congress"), descriptions of the seminars they'll offer, information on lodging in Scottsdale, and of course the valuable Sponsors page. Have to pay for this somehow, right?
But what REALLY caught my eye was the buzz-worthy title and sub-title:
Building Open Innovation
Capabilities for Higher Value
Business Opportunities
It's genius, really. It sounds impressive, yet I have no idea what it means. Fortunately, to the right of the title is a side-bar that's headlined "Featuring Our Open Innovation Thought Leaders". So now all I have to do is come up with the $1,900 registration fee, get myself to Scottsdale in January, and let my Thoughts be Led!

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