Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A day of moderate leisure

So yesterday I decided I'd work from home today. There was nothing going on in the office, my boss was on vacation, her boss was on a business trip, and I hadn't really had an assignment in days. So I figured hey, I can check my e-mail from the couch just as easily as from my desk, and this way I won't be tempted to get coffee at Starbucks and won't have to get dressed. Oh, and I'll be able to sleep in an extra hour or two.

So I did just that, and as I should have expected, today was the day people were looking for me. Well, one person anyway. Fortunately between the phone and e-mail I was able to get him what he wanted (or a close facsimile thereof). So it wasn't the totally relaxing day I'd expected, but at the same time I didn't feel guilty about not burning a vacation day or something.

The big boss gets back tomorrow...wonder if he'll have any news over the fate of the rest of us chickens?

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