Sunday, October 12, 2008

Welcome, Frogma!

So the purpose of all the house cleaning this weekend was the arrival of our friend Bonnie, aka Frogma, in town from New York for a week of kayaking, camping, and general touristing. The kayaking involved two days playing in the eddies and current of Deception Pass, which sounded a lot like witewater kayaking only on the ocean. Trippy.

Tomorrow we're heading downtown to do the Seattle tourist thing, probably starting with the Underground Tour and ending with either the Market or the new Sculpture Park. At some point in the week they'll take off for the Olympic Peninsula and do some camping, then come back for another day or two of chillaxing before flying back to the east coast next weekend.

Unfortunately I'll be working all week ( current circumstances that's actually good news...) and won't be able to join in the camping fun. But then, it's their vacation not mine, and they wouldn't want me tagging along now, would they? I know I wouldn't!

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