Friday, October 17, 2008

A thoroughly uninspired Friday

Not sure if it's because it's late, or because I'm mildly hungry and know I shouldn't eat anything, or what, but I am completely uninspired right now. In fact, I was pretty uninspired all day. Something to do with not being busy at work and knowing that that's probably not a good sign for continued employment...hard to motivate yourself to find new stuff to do when everyone else around is doing nothing as well.

Well, not quite nothing...we had a nice pot luck lunch today, and someone on the team loaded some PDF versions of magazines to the server. And there was always the fun game of "Identify the confidential witness" in our latest class action lawsuit. but none of that changed the fact that I was basically killing time unitl it was time to go home. Maybe I need to watch "Office Space" again...

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